Gantt Chart Web Part error

I recently came across an issue where I was unable to open ‘Site Actions‘ on one particular SharePoint 2010 page – I was halted by the following error:

An error has occurred with the data fetch. Please refresh the page and retry’

The page in question contained a number of Web Parts, and through a method of elimination, I soon discovered that it was the ‘Gantt Chart’ Web Part view which was causing what was seemingly a Javascript error message.

A quick, simple fix was to remove the Gantt Chart Web Part from the page, then re-add and the problem was solved. But what has caused this issue?

The SharePoint 2010 Farm I was working against was fully patched to February 2012 CU, but had recently been updated with the April 2013 SharePoint Foundation security update:

I raised this with MS who were unaware of this issue, but successfully replicated the problem to one of their test environments. (which is always a relief as you’re otherwise left pondering ‘why me’?)

Patching the SharePoint Farm to the full April 2013 CU patch level permanently resolves the problem.


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